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Creative craft christmas ideas

Children’s Crafty Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted 15th December 2017 by Joe

Looking for some creative gift ideas this christmas?  Then look no further, we've got our favourite christmas crafty gifts here for you to take a look at. So whether you've got a budding Picasso or someone who just likes to...

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Tobar Mini Springy Gadget Toy

Old fashioned gift ideas for Christmas

Posted 7th December 2017 by Joe

We love toys here at Fun Learning, especially those we grew up with! So we've got our rose tinted glasses on today to suggest some blasts from the past with a list of  old fashioned nostalgic toys that will always...

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Child playing with magformers

Why are children so attracted (har har) to magnets?

Posted 30th November 2017 by Joe

As adults, magnets are something we take for granted, but for children discovering magnets for the first time, it’s something akin to magic. Young children are especially captivated by the idea of things moving by themselves and magnets sticking to...

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Retro image of a child playing with a classic microscope and science kit

Why buy a microscope for your child?

Posted 15th November 2017 by Joe

Kids are fascinated by the microscopic world; everyday objects when viewed close up reveal a new and hidden world to captivate children from an early age. Schools use microscopes and magnification over a range of topics: from magnifying mini-beasts in...

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Building better brains for kids through play

How can we make Kids Smarter through Play?

Posted 20th October 2017 by Joe

Building Children's Brains, brick by brick. Have you seen the BBC 2 documentary No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free? yet? This fascinating documentary follows on from some on from some research back in 2015 that proves that a brain scan can’t...

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Adult and child playing with the Learning Resources Giant Inflatable Solar System

How to make your own Solar System (the easy way)

Posted 29th August 2017 by funAdmin

Schools love Space and our solar system as a topic this time of year, and so do kids. And making your own solar system model for school homework is a classic. It's a great way to learn about each of the...

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